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Up and Coming Social Media Platforms

Today, I am so pleased to introduce you to Charlee who writes over at thegword.  Charlee offers advice and support to new business sellers and is all about business growth! 

Hi, my name is Charlee and I create and sell teaching resources and teacher-author services under the name The Ginger Teacher. For more advice about selling, please check out my teacher-seller blog at www.thegword.thegingerteacher.com.

Today I wanted to discuss some up and coming social media platforms that are predicted to be huge in the next year. As online business owners we are well aware of the importance of leveraging social media, it is where our followers, and hopefully customers, find us and our services. 
The main platforms dominating business promotion at the moment are the big five: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest (yes, it can be argued that Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, but a discovery engine).

Getting in early with any one of these platforms and getting known on them would have made your business stand out in a big way. Early adopters often become influencers and strengthen their brands as the platforms grow. With this in mind let’s look at the next big things!

Here are 3 up and coming platforms:

1. TikTok

This app has been around for a while under name of musical.ly, but has had a major rebranding recently. TikTok is an app that lets users share short videos normally set to music.  Opinion suggests that it will be ideal for product ads presented in fun ways and engagement is predicted to be on a huge scale!  Many new Android phones will come with the TikTok app preinstalled, so users are likely to test it out at least once.  I recommend getting on this app early to start creating short video ads for your business.
You can follow me there: user name @thegingerteacher

2. Lasso

Lasso is Facebook’s answer to TikTok. It is the same premise as TikTok in that short videos are set to music, however it is supported and connected to Facebook and Instagram. This fact alone could see the platform grow in the coming months.

iOS App Store: https://goo.gl/S7yNvA 
Android Play Store: https://goo.gl/2bPRW8

3. Anchor

This app is a little different as it focuses on podcasters – not your usual social media platform as it’s based on audio. Anchor is probably best described as a podcast mixed with Twitter but with sound clips instead of tweets. You follow people and people follow you and they listen to your podcasts. Other users listen to your podcast and respond back with their own sound clips. I have to admit it does sound strange but this could be the platform to give your business its edge! You can interact more personally with your customers, you can get to know what they are looking for and you can also conduct interviews and polls in your podcast with ease.

Becoming proficient at the early stages of these up and coming social media platforms could mean big steps forward for your business! No one really knows which platforms are going to gain Facebook status but these newbies look very promising!

Image reading new essential apps for social media promotion

Please follow me on Instagram (@thegingerteacher) and check out my blog at www.thegword.thegingerteacher.com for more advice and support.

How to Create a Password Protected Page on Blogger

When I first started my teaching blog in 2012, Blogger was the choice of the majority of TeachersPayTeachers sellers. After some years however, many make the move to Wordpress because of its functionality. Although Blogger remains limited in many respects, research on the internet will find workarounds for most things. I am happy with Blogger and have no plans to change any time soon!

Computer with text "How to Create a Password Protected Page"

When I started to think seriously about growing and utilizing my email list, I decided to offer free teaching resources to my readers.  The idea behind this is to offer a free download, stored in a VIP section or library, which can only be accessed in exchange for one’s email address.  This strategy works really well in providing value to your readers and growing your list.

Why do I need an email list for my business?

Having a valuable email list is crucial because it's the best way to build a relationship with potential customers in an intimate way.  The one thing that you have with an email list is control.  With social media anything can happen to your account - policies can change, accounts can be shut down etc.  However with an email list - you own it and you can do anything you want with it!  You can keep your subscribers up-to-date with special events/sales/product launches/discounts etc.  You can offer email courses - providing valuable content for free, which eventually leads readers to your special offer and hopefully, those all-important sales!  Subscribe to a few email lists of your favorite sellers and see how creative they are with their content!

This leads me to today’s tutorial – how to password protect a page on your blog. Although the page is ‘published’, the password is required to unlock the content. The password can be shared with your newsletter subscribers and they can visit regularly to access new content.

Just follow the steps below to create a password protected page and spread the word to your customers to sign up to your library!

Follow these steps to create a password created page:

1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the PAGES section on the left hand side.

2. Create a NEW PAGE

3. Click on the HTML tab on your page

4.  Copy the following code and paste it (at the top of the page)


var password = 'free'

password=prompt('This is password protected page, please enter password to continue.','');

if (password != 'free') {



  • Change free to your own password 
  • Change "http://www.error_page_url.com" to the URL for redirection if the wrong password is entered. This can be your home page url or another static page

6. SAVE and PUBLISH your page

7. VIEW your page – you should see this:

7 simple steps and you have a password protected page!  Now get started on building a VIP Library with awesome content that your readers/potential customers can't help but subscribe to!

To make this tutorial even simpler, if you don't have time right now, just click on the download button below and save in PDF format for a later date!

Click here to download your PDF Tutorial

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